Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Japanese Portrait

I live in a guesthouse shared by foreigners and Japanese people. I first asked one of them to take a picture of him but, without any particular reason, the appointment did not take place. Therefore, I asked to this girl above. She answered a spontaneous “Hai!” while specifying that she would prefer to do it the following day; I guess her wearing pyjama was a problem for her. As soon as I saw her the day after, she told me she was ready for the picture and didn’t seem uncomfortable or shy. She simply behaved and acted as genki as she always does.
Kuriko Nakahira is a 20 year-old Gaidaisee in English and Korean languages. She is from Koochi, Japan. Kuriko spent a full year in California to learn English, which is quite good, and she planned a trip to Korea in her upcoming projects. When I asked her something special about her, she said that she could play trombone. What a wonderful instrument to hear from the room below hers!

I add these pictures because he is the first guy I asked to for this Japanese portrait. Even though our first appointment failed, I still keep him a place in this blog. Yu-chan (this is the way he wants us to call him) is a housemate and Gaidaisee as well. He studies English and would like to become an English teacher. Yu-chan has initiated me to many things in Japan such as the language; some customs; cooking techniques; izakaya; Japanese people, etc. I appreciate a lot his kindness and sympathy.
Comfortable in front of a camera, Yu-chan, while cooking his dinner, spontaneously raised the knife in order to produce an original picture! Even though he might look aggressive, he is absolutely not! Samurai-style would be a better word for his posture! Can you see the ever-present peace sign hidden behind the knife?

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  1. Kuriko's portraits next to the geisha image is interesting and fun to see. Did you do this on purpose? It seems as though you are trying to move beyond tired stereotypes and provide descriptions of real people.